Surfing in the Dominican Republic

Welcome to the Surfing Dominican Republic website, this website is made for people that are looking for information related to surfing in the DR.
It covers areas like: Puerto Plata / Sosua / Cabarete / Rio San Juan.

You can find surf spot spot descriptions: how to get there, hazards and for what levels of surfers they are most suitable.

At the moment we are still expanding the

Surfing Dominican republic

website with the following sections: Where to stay on your surf holiday to the DR, an extensive FAQ section which should answer all of your questions related to surfing in the Cabarete region, a wave forecast section and most importantly a good Dominican Republic surf spot guide

The surf pictures is also a work in progress, we want to show you an up to date gallery with pictures of the main surf spots.

Surf the Dominican Republic

The north coast of the DR was more known for it’s wind powered water sports like windsurfing , and recently kitesurfing; but the DR has some of the best surf spots in the Caribbean. Consistency is one of the biggest advantages of the island. Hardly ever the waves are smaller than wist high, since the eastern trade winds bring fun summer time waves.
Another big advantage that the DR offers is that it has waves for surfers of all levels, from mellow breaking waves to worldclass reef breaks, that means it’s a family surf destination for all levels.

Water and air temperatures in the DR

Don’t Bother with warm clothes and leave your wetsuit at home, the air temperature hardly ever drops below 75 degrees ( 24 degrees celcius), the water temperature is always warm enough to be surfing in boardshorts.

Encuentro is the most consistent surf spot found in the Dominican Republic. Winter or summer time; 99% of the time there's a decent surfable wave to be found. The waves break over a mellow flat section, this makes Encuentro a very suitable beach for surf lessons and for more experienced surfers alike.
In the summer time the waves are shorter interval; between 7 and 9 seconds but very consistent. Wintertime sees more North Swells coming to the DR, which brings bigger and cleaner waves. Wave interval is then between 10 and 15 seconds.

Between August and November is the 'hurricane' season in the DR, which means the storms will go well North of the island, it can bring a little bit of rain but usually this also brings some very big surf to the Dominican Republic.

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