FAQ for Surfing Dominican Republic

When is the best season for Surfing in the Dominican Republic?

There surf 350 days of the year, biggest ( between head high and double overhead) is mostly found between September and April. Smaller waves ( waist to head high) is common between May and August

Where are the best surf spots?

See the surf spot page

What kind of  surfboard should I bring to the Dominican republic?

Standard short or longboards will do fine.

Where can I rent surfboards?

There’s a couple of places at Playa Encuentro that rent out good surfboards: Bobo’s surf school, Chino’s surf school and Puahana. For Surf Camp clients Swell offers a good surfboard selection in their rental pool. Have a look at the surfing Cabarete page for more info

What is the air and water temperature like?

Somewhere between 77F-80F ( 24C-28C) air and water temperatures year round, leave your wet suits at home, but bring plenty of sunscreen!

Are there any dangers for surfing in the DR?

Some spots have coral reefs. Ask the local surfers what to look out for, there’s some very safe spots for surfers of all levels, and some are only to be surfed by experienced surfers. See our surf spots page

Do I need reef booties for surfing on the North coast of the DR?

Not really, unless you are a beginning surfer and still walking out the the lineup instead of paddling. The reef at Encuentro is pretty mellow but you might get some scratches if you walk over the reef for a while.

What else is there to do besides surfing?

Kitesurfing, stand up paddle surfing, windsurfing, Canyoning, party, good food, snorkeling, diving

See the question above regarding surfboard rentals.

Do I need to rent a car in the DR for surf trips?

If you are around Cabarete area, everything is close, within a few miles radius, there’s local motor and car taxi’s and if you stay in Cabarete town you can walk everywhere, so no need to rent a car.

Are there any surf shops in the DR?

There are a few decent surf shops in Cabarete: Surfea and Bic Carib surf shop, they have good stuff, some surfboards as well, but they are 10-20% more expensive than surf shops in the USA, since everything has to be imported.

What about Ding repairs?

Around Playa Encuentro there are a few locals that can do good surfboard repairs for reasonable prices.

Is there localism in the DR?

The vibes is very mellow and welcoming, however, be nice and you get treated nice. If you are going to drop in, be an ass, create bad vibes, you’ll get the same in return.

What is the most consistent surf spots on the North Coast?

Playa Encuentro has waves for surfers of all levels and a surf able wave 350 days per year.

Where should I stay when i go on a surf trip to the DR?

See our accommodations page

What level of surfers are the Dominicans?

Level has been rising quickly over the last years.

Where can i find info on Surfing  DR?

See the surf spot maps here

Do I need a visa to enter the Dominican Republic?

For most countries no special visa is required a tourist card is sold  on arrival for 20USD. More info here

Do I need to worry about Hurricanes and Tropical storms?

99% of all hurricanes in the Caribbean tend to track either well north of well south of the island. If they track well north it usually means good surf is on the way in the overhead range. In 2017 when hurricane after hurricane was going over the Caribbean, Cabarete had no damage! More info about hurricane & the Dominican Republic can be found on this page

What are the good wave forecasting site for the DR?

Windguru does a good job forecast waves and wind. So does Magicseaweed

What tides are best for surfing at Playa Encuentro?

Tidal changes are small, so has very little effect on the waves at Playa Encuentro

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