Surf Season in Full swing in the DR

The Surf season started early this year in the Dominican Republic.

September and October brought great waves to the north coast of the DR, Hurricane matthew went south of the island so didn’t do much wave wise. At the same time however we had tropical storm, (briefly Hurricane Nicole) hoovering north of the island. Nicole brought waves for days on end in the double over head range with glassy conditions.


When the swell turns from East to North, the north coast turns into a surfers playground, spots that normally don’t have good waves all of a sudden turn on. Playa Preciosa, Playa Grande, Coco Pipe and all the offshore reefs all of a sudden turn into wave machines where long rides can be had.


Caribbean surf forecast

As seen on this forecast from Windguru, what you are looking for is the arrows turning nortth, and ideally also when the wave period goes from 6-8 seconds to 11 seconds +

It looks like this winter is going to be another great surf season for the Dominican Republic. Beaches like Playa Encuentro should see plenty of surf action.

Have a look at the surf spot pages to see a description of the different waves.

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