Surfing Encuentro

Surfing Encuentro


Location of Playa Encuentro:

Playa Encuentro is located 6,5 km west of Cabarete, or 10 km North East of Sosua

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What’s to be found at Playa Encuentro?

Encuentro is THE most consistent surf spot in the Dominican republic, and probably one of the most consistent surfing spots in the Caribbean. 350 days per year there’s a surfable wave  that is higher than 2′ ( 60 cm – Waist high) .

Encuentro is a largely undeveloped beach, no high rise  (or permanent buildings) on the beach, so it still has a very pristine feel to it. The beach is nice white sand. Not a good swimming beach, because of the waves that make it a great surfing beach.

The Waves at Playa Encuentro

One of the best things about Encuentro is that it’s not a 1 peak wonder, there’s multiple surf spots and peaks, all catering for surfers of different levels.
The different spots:

Destroyers: Heavy waves, mostly breaks in winter time and is for experts surfers or body boarders only.

The left at Encuentro: Great wave, best  in winter time when there’s some north in the Swell. Pretty good lenght of ride and has barreling sections. Pretty shallow and some currents so not for beginners.

The right ( main peak ): Great consistent right handers works all year round and is a fun wall with decent long rides.

Bobo’s point: Multiple peaks , lefts and rights, some barrels. On the inside of bobo’s is where most surf schools give their surf lessons in the shallow water.

Coco Pipe: Very good wave, mostly breaks in winter time or in hurricane swells. The rights are better and longer, the lefts are short and it becomes a tough paddle to get back out.

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How to get to Playa Encuentro:

There are taxi’s and moto taxi’s that can take you to Playa Encuentro for about 10-15 USD. Some surf schools will offer to pick you up at your hotel in Cabarete and take you to the beach.

Where to stay:

Best to stay in Cabarete, and take transport to the beach in the mornings. See the accommodation page for more information on where to stay. Have a look at the wave forecast for Encuentro on this page or check MagicSeeaweed Encuentro


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Looking for a good place to stay?

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Surfing Encuentro
Surfing Encuentro
Written by: Peter
Date Published: 12/01/2015
Playa Encuentro, one of the most consistent surf spots in the Dominican republic
9.5 / 10 stars

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